What else can I stitch on with my Cross stitch pattern?

What else can I do with my cross-stitch pattern?

You can stitch your designs onto Plastic Canvas, or Perforated Paper, use it in conjunction with Scrap-booking, to make that special cover for a book.  Use Waste Canvas to stitch it onto shirts, hats, bags, or any other cloth you can think of.  (Waste Canvas allows you to  stitch onto other fabrics, and remove the canvas later, leaving the design on other fabrics. Cross-stitch graph patterns, are easy to follow and maps outblocks of colour for you to create an overall design.  This same process,could be used in many crafts.  Have you tried, bead weaving?, what about Colourwash Patchwork! (A kind of patchwork involving sewing together small squares of the same size of different materials .  The overall effect islike a mosaic, or one of those paintings made of geometric blocks of colour.


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